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Winning election is different from selfless service towards society. I can comprehend one simple thing. With ‘un-conditional’ support, AAP can fulfill all the dreams which it has showed to ‘Aam Aadmi’ of Delhi. Why it is shying away from its responsibility. Why all of sudden there is a keen interest in national politics. Why not create a role model in Delhi and then roll it out in other part of the nation. Is this the ‘Aam Aadmi’ thinking or just some hidden agenda of select few. Good governance should be nurtured. Promises should be delivered. Doesn’t matter whether you are in full majority or delivering with ‘Un-conditional’ support of others.

Why to put constraints to deliver these thoughts by unnecessary putting ’18 Conditions’. If you ask any ‘Aam Aadmi’ he can count endless things which needs improvement, starting from education, rising price of food, bad roads, poor sanitation, burgeoning population, detrimental pollution, reckless buses, corrupt auto rikshwas, daily traffic jams, and many more. Then why only these ’18 Conditions’. Who is going to set the priorities of these issues. As per AAP leadership, it should be ‘Aam Aadmi’ but unfortunately under the guise of this ‘Aam Aadmi’ some smart people are trying to fulfill their vested interest. Did anyone from the huge janta, who supported AAP said that they would like to contest loksabha elections. A normal voter who has not paid his electricity bill for past few months, just waiting to get some relief, is clueless now. This chaos is created by AAP leadership team only. How many of these normal people know about the ’18 Conditions’ put by AAP. For the benefit of all I have mentioned them below. I am amazed, why AAP needs these. Why they want to do everything at the same time. It seems that they have a magic wand which will cure all the evils of the society just like that.

Below are those 18 points most of which are not different from their manifesto. However, it is worth noticing the last point which goes like this ‘Central government should come forth in help of Delhi government to achieve all above mentioned goals’. This clearly shows the political mind behind this agenda. As it is quite evident that there is no practical way stated by AAP to fulfill the agenda mentioned in their manifesto. And, that is why they have started playing the political game as other parties do. They are seeking Centers help to implement all the 17 points. This means that either legally Delhi government alone cannot implement these or there is a financial aid required by center to cross subsidize the schemes offered in AAP’s manifesto. There could also be more reasons behind this agenda which we should investigate and use our intellect in an unbiased way to come to a conclusion.

Aam Aadmi issues for major parties – The 18 Point Agenda
1. End VIP culture in Delhi; MLA, minister and officer would be allowed a red beacon vehicle
2. Jan Lokpal Bill for Delhi
3. No funds for MLAs. People of colonies will  decide for development works in their areas.
4. The status of state for Delhi
5. Audit of electricity companies;  they will  return money to public if any malfunctioning is found
6. Checking of electricity meters
7.  Free supply of at least 700 litre water to each household.
8. Regularisation of unauthorised colonies with all civic amenities in place.
9. Allotment of plots and pucca houses to people living in slums
10. Contractual workers working on MCD and other departments should be regularised.
11. Relaxation in VAT for industrialists and traders
12. No FDI in retail in Delhi
13. Subsidy for farmers in 360 villages of Delhi
14. Transparency in the fee mechanism of private schools and uplift in the standard of government and MCD schools. Donation in private schools should be banned.
15. New government hospitals to be opened in Delhi with facilities at par with private hospitals
16. Special security group should be made for security of women. Case should end within six months with tough punishment to the accused.
17. More courts should be opened in Delhi so that the decision of the cases come within a year.
18. Central government should come forth in help of Delhi government to achieve all above mentioned goals

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